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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trafficera in the Human traffic with clock race and token system

Trafficera in the Human traffic with clock race and token system

Trafficera a new era in promoting websites. Human traffic is main motto of this site.

Trafficera is really amazing website for promotion of our blogs and websites. It has many features like time credits for surfing others websites. If we browse more websites, then more time credits which in turn increases our personal value (our value in the website, it is like ranking). In the clock race once we invlove, then the result is really amazing. There are millions of trafficera members in the race.
Token system is another reward awarded by this site. More token means more value for you.We can have team members of our own or join with other team members. Groups are also available in varies categories, we can join any of our favourite groups.
While browsing, we can discuss or chat with other team members, so that we cab effectively using our browsing time while downloading pages.
Free signup are initially awarded as silver members and we can also upgraded to platinum or gold. By referals also we can earn credits. We can also buy or sell time credits to other members and earn cash. Another features are we can sell or by credits earned by us and also we can advertise our splash pages in order to increase our traffic.

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