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Friday, January 15, 2010

Pongal special Rangoli Kolangal collections

Pongal special Rangoli Kolangal collections
Pongal is a special celebrations celebrated by the Tamil people specifically by the Farmers. Pongal festival is celebrated as Bogi pongal, Surya pongal, Mattu pongal and Uzhavar thirunal. on 13.01.2010, 14.01.2010, 15.01.2010 and 16.01.2010 respectively. During these days, Rangoli, Kolangal are drawn by women of tamil.
How to draw Kolam:
The kolam is drawn with a variety of materials such as rice powder, rice paste, marble powder, colored powders, leaves and flowers. The kolam basically consists of dots and lines that together form a meaningful design. Usually, a grid of dots numbering from 4 to 108 is used for drawing the kolam. The points are joined with straight and curved lines or else, the lines go round the points resulting in a design consisting exclusively of curved lines.

Ready made design:
Plates, Boxes are available with the designs etched with holes provided. When this is filled with kolam powder & tapped on the ground, you have a lovely kolam. Rollers are also available. With these you can just roll it & draw the basic lines, & use your imagination to execute a kolam of your choice.

I would like to share some of the Kongal collections here:

Thanks for the contributor.

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