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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amazing Cat and Kittens in My home

Amazing Cat and Kittens in My home premises

 Mother and Baby cat

    Recently in my home, 3 kittens were born. The family of the cat and their snapshot photos caught my Camera are shown here. These kittens are very fond of their mother only. The mother used to guard their babies The father will occasionally come meet their babies. Enjoy the amazing photos.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Amazing World's Longest and Biggest Guitar

Amazing World's Longest and Biggest Guitar
    Recently i have come across to watch a TV news which shown the WORLD'S Largest Guitar. I got some details online. When I goggled net, there are plenty of Guitars available Worldwide with different sizes.

The World's Longest and Biggest Guitar measuring 43.5 feet long and 16 feet wide, Weight 2.44 k Pounds. This amazing guitar was designed and developed by High school class students and Physics teacher at Texas. This design took for them 3 months to complete. This V shaped Guitar is certified by Guinness Book of Record. Really Amazing.

 Courtesy: online images
   I have also searched smallest Guitar in the World, here is what i got. I do not confirm that this the smallest one.

If you have found any other Guitar, Please post me.

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