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Friday, January 15, 2010

Image Impression is getting reputation from Google Image Results

Image Impression is getting reputation from Google Image Results

This Image Impression site while researching Google Images for keyword "burj dubai" and one of among the pages ( was ranked on the 42nd page of the Google Images search results. This is analyzed by a online portal which i received through email.

They have said that they looked through this site say that "it looks like you are getting a lot of your visitors from image search, like Google Images, Yahoo Image Search, etc."

Expo-max team have developed a tool that reports on our site's rank (position) in all search engines for all keywords and we can know exactly where our site is ranked in Google, Yahoo, Google Images, Google News and so forth for each and every keyword. They have sent the screenshots and specifically the far right column:

Position of this site in a specific search engine for all keywords:

Position of this site for a specific keyword in all search engines:

Expo-max tells how it works:

Our tool does not query thousands and thousands of pages in search engines, instead it records your site's ranking as an aggregate of all your visitors as they see your site in their browsers while searching Google, Yahoo! etc. Our tool is currently the only one that provides such data. The only other place to get it is Google itself, but as we know Google doesn't share that kind of info with poeple like you and me. I should probalby mention here that our tool also happens to be a very powerful web traffic analyzer, so it does what your current stat program does as well.

Before we launched a month ago, I knew that we have something unique here and that people would like it; what was shocking is the fact that not a single user (out of several hundred this far) have stopped using our solution and I get a few thank you emails every day. I would include some of the responses here if I didn't think testimonials were tacky, which I think they are :)

How much? The tool is pro-bono! Keep your credit card in your wallet. If you're curious as to why it's free, we believe that by providing a top notch and innovative statistical tool, it will build us excellent reputation in the industry and boost user confidence to engage in some of our other programs (Advertising & Publishing).

Anyway, check out the live demo below (no registration required):

Try these click-paths:

Traffic Sources (Menu) -> Search Engines (Menu) -> Click on any search engine and look at the far right column of the table, OR
Traffic Sources (Menu) -> Search Terms (Menu) -> Click on any keyword and do the same

Interesting, isn't it? :)

Installation is very simple, no programming or previous knowledge required. Please feel welcome to create your own account at:

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