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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amazing Diamond studded million dollar phones with gold frames

Diamond studded million dollar phones
     These diamond studded mobile phones and i-phones are so amazing to look and stylish design. These phone prices varies from $1 million to $8 million.
 $1 million, 45.5 carats of Black diamonds studded phone with gold frame (180 grams)
 $1.3 million, 50 diamond studded (8 diamonds of rare blue diamonds) with 18K rose gold frame

$8 million , 100 carats of diamonds with apple logo of 53 additional diamonds with rose gold
 $3.2 million  53- 1 carat diamond studded i-phone with 271 grams of 22k gold frame
$ 2.4 million, i-phone of 138 diamonds with a single 6.6 carat white diamond
$ 1.3 million phone of special stylish phone, of 20 carats of diamond studded with 18K white gold frame
Rare Blue heart diamond

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